Pure Maine Maple Syrup

Plastic containers (Grade A Medium or Dark Amber)


100 ml $4.50


Quart $20.95


1/2 Pint $7.95


1/2 Gallon $34.95


Pint $11.95


Gallon $61.95




Glass Containers (Grade A Medium Amber)


50 ml Maple Leaf (nip) $3.50



100 ml Maple Leaf $6.95



250 ml Maple Leaf $11.95


250 ml Gallone...$11.95


500 ml Maple Leaf $18.95


500 ml Gallone...$18.95


750 ml Maple Leaf $26.95


1000 ml Gallone...$33.25


Additional designs available upon request. Contact us for price and ordering instructions.

See additional glass selections at www.kinneymaplesupplies.com


All our glass contains Maine Grade A Medium Amber syrup.

Email: sales@mapleconfections.com

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