2005 was the first year we tapped our trees on Knox Ridge. Lee had tapped trees in Auburn with his parents when he was younger.  We have about 185 acres of maple trees and tapped only about 45 acres of those the first year with 1750 taps. We had 3215 taps in 2006. 2007 brought us to 4200 taps on 120 acres. 2008 brought us to 4900 taps on about 150 acres.  2009 we had 6325 taps.  In 2010 we had 8125 taps.  2011 brought us to about 8600 taps on most of the 185 acres of sugarbush. Since 2012 we have just shy of 9000 taps on the entire 185 acres. Look for another jump in 2015....

Our specialty is in making the confections from maple syrup. We are one of the largest commercial producers of maple sugar candy in the State of Maine.  We make maple cream (aka maple butter) for spreading on toast, English muffins, pancakes, in a sandwich with peanut butter (MaryAnne’s favorite) or to eat right off a spoon (another family favorite). We also make molded maple sugar (often called candy), granulated sugar (fast becoming our most popular product) and a cinnamon maple sugar made with organic cinnamon. Our pure maple products are certified organic through MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association).  Our newest product, Maple Jelly, won an honorable mention for Best New Product at the 2014 New England Made spring show in Portland, ME.

Our operation would not work without the help we have received from our parents.

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